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October 21st, 2014




A rendering of 360 x 360 degree (4 Pi Steradian) SDS 3D

The SDS 3D™ utilizes a full distribution of sensors providing a full 4 Pi steradian Field of Regard (FOR). The device determines extremely accurate 3D angular directions of infrared heat signatures. The SDS 3D™ is the ideal sensor system for applications where complete situational awareness is crucial. Data output from the system can be integrated with pan/tilt/zoom imaging systems for further target identification. Specific areas where the SDS 3D™ device can be implemented include: Search and Rescue, high speed threat detection, sniper fire location, perimeter monitoring, harbor security, border patrol, and airport security.

360 x 220 Degree SDS 3D (7" diameter)

Single Hemisphere SDS 3D(

A Hemispherical SDS 3D (13" Diameter)

A 90 x 90 ShotSense 3D (7" Diameter) using SDS technology

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